Cubase LE with Pro Tools


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I'm looking at purchasing the Alesis Multimix 8 board to record to my PC, which includes Cubase LE. My buddy and ex-band mate home records with Pro Tools. He wants me to put down my drum track to his guitar and vocals. Are the two compatible? Anyone done anything like this?


Hi, the two will not be compatible, you can record your parts on LE export them as WAV files give them to you mate and he can dump them into Pro Tools, but youll not be able to import the project as you know it.

hope this helps, might be another method people use.


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The above statement is correct but I want to be sure you understand what he is saying.

You can not open a pro tools "project"in Cubase and vise versa.

This it no big deal at all. I record with people that have all kinds of different systems all the time. The files you record in Cubase.can be exported as many different formats the are completely compatible with ProTools and as well as most other recording software and even hard disk recorder like the Roland and Tascam deck.

You will be fine. All he has to do is export the tracks he wants you to record with as wav or MP3 or any other compatible format. You simply import the file and record against it.

The send him your track or tracks.

It is very easy and done all the time.


If you're trying to record using the MultiMix 8 into Pro Tools, then no they won't work. M-Audio and Digidesign are notorious for this and I really dislike the way they run the hardware side of things. The Pro Tools software itself is great.

If you're talking about file formats, however, the standard .Wav file format will work in both DAW systems. No issue there importing the actual audio files from one to another; but importing the session files into each other won't work. Just the audio files.


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Thanks to all! So just export files to formats compatible with both and have one of us mix it together. I didn't think project files would be compatible but I needed to check, why can't we all get along :)