Crystal Viper - Still Alive ("lockdown" video)


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I joined Crystal Viper last year, after a couple of small tours this is my first recording with them :cool:

Crystal Viper is a polish band I listened to for many years, so it was a great pleasure when they asked me last year to join the band.
We did a couple of small tours, and then corona stopped all 2020 festival and touring plans.
So to pass time, we did this little "lockdown" video!



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Sounds great! 👍
And congrats on being asked to join the band. Hopefully this lockdown will end soon enough and you'll get back out there.
Rock on! 🤘


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thank you!!!
Yeah but I'm not stressing about it, I got plenty to do so I'm not left doing nothing ha ha


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I liked what you guys done in your video great song and band. I am actually still listening to it for a second or third time, what do you know?

That's because it's good. (y)

Well done for the recording and HD video montage too.