Cross Sticking book


I used to have a book specifically for cross sticking solos on the snare drum. A through back to the 60's style of jazz drumming. Buddy Rich was great at it.

Anyway, if anyone has the name of the book/publisher, I'd appreciate it if you'd reply
with the info. I can't find my copy anywhere. But then again, I'm going back over 40 years
and it could be anywhere in my home.... It's what happens when you get old.


Mark Dalzell
Las Vegas, NV


Well, persistence has paid off. I happen to find the book in question.
It was the last one in a pile I hadn't seen in years.

Anyway, for anyone interested, here's the information.

"the crossed stick"
Exercise for "crossed stick" technique.
By Don Reid
Sam Fox Publishing Company, Inc. / 1540 Broadway, New Your, N.Y. 10036