Cross stick with BFSD


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I like using the BFSD to really mute my snare down for lower volume gigs. The one drawback I’ve found is that it really kills the cross stick sound. Other than using the butt end of the stick in the sweet spot, anyone have any suggestions on how to overcome this?


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I don't have my gear here, but I did this real quick with an Evan's box. I always cross stick with the tip on the head and the butt on the rim. I have been using cut out heads for years for the same BFSD effect. It does affect the cross stick sound quite a bit. By cutting off a section you can bring some zing back to your cross stick. It won't completely negate the effect, but it improves it, and it doesn't change the effectiveness of the BFSD much.20200410_174652_copy_969x784.jpg20200410_174659_copy_1082x980.jpg