Crooked Beats


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I've been listening to Chinese classical/traditional music often these days. A feature of these pieces is that they often include sections with dramatic tempo changes for example the beginning of "Generals Command"

These tempo changes show up in many different situations from introductions or overtures to short breaks and cues to repeated sort of syncopated "grooves".

Does anyone know how they go about practicing these? Instructional material is difficult to come by, so I've tried a few of my own methods. 1)Using feel and stick height to gauge stick speed sort of like a bouncing ball. 2)Calculating specific changes in tempo then notating it in relation to a uniform tempo using flams to approximate differences. 3) Approximating these with combinations quarters eighths, triplets, sixteens with suitable alterations.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, and for the record, "I'm not a crook!"