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I'm thankful I was not old enough in 1980 to realize how bad a year that was( Bon Scott, John Bonham, John Lennon) but I was saddened when Eric Carr passed. Also the passing of George Harrison and most recently Mitch Mitchell. I hate finding out well after the fact that musicians I admire have died. That happened to me with Mick Tucker. I didn't know what had happened to him so I decided to google him and found out he'd died 6 years ago of leukemia. Steve Clark was another very sad one but I think that was more due to finding out what a sad life he lived in the first place.


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Mmm...I can honestly say no. The last time I cried was when my dad passed, in 1997. Wow, that's weird! I have a very hard time crying over anything - I'm sure it's not healthy. Although quite often I get the sensation that I might while listening to music that really touches me.

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I didn't cry but I was sad to here when Kevin Dubrow died.
I probably would have balled my eyes out when I heard Cliff Burton died.

Oh my god! Randy Rhoads! I probably would have lost it there...


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I can honestly say that the musical death that affected me the most was that of John Lennon. The first recording that I purchased as a child was "I Want to Hold Your Hand". The Beatles are probably the reason that I play music. The tragic way that he was murdered made me react the same way that I did when John F. Kennedy was shot. I also cried when George Harrison past on. I have never heard anyone play the slide guitar like George. When Jerry Garcia Died, I was brought to tears. I followed the Dead around the country for a year in the seventies. I have always felt spiritually connected to these artist. I can sometimes feel their influence come over me when I play. Almost as if they are guiding me.


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I have been saddened by the passing of musicians I admire, most recently Mitch Mitchell and Munetaka Higuchi, but the only time I got tears in my eyes was when I was outside the Dakota building where John Lennon lived and died. There was a tribute being paid to him with a moment of silence and I was with a friend in a crowd of many people who gathered there. Right as the moment of silence was ending you could faintly hear his song Imagine playing and it was like it was coming from the sky. Very eerie and highly emotional.