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Mad About Drums

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Hi guys

If you could put together your "dream" band, who would play in it and what style of music would that band play.

Here's a list you can copy and paste in your replies.







Background vocals:



Style of music:

That should make some interesting bands.

Mad About Drums

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Here's my virtual band:

Drums: Simon Phillips

Bass: Anthony Jackson and/or Pino Palladino

Guitar(s): Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck and Al Di Meola

Keyboards: Chick Corea, David Paich and Hiromi Uehara

Percussion: Ray Cooper

Vocals: Chrissie Hynde

Background vocals: All the musicians mentioned

Horns: Tom Scott, Wynton Marsalis, Michael Brecker and Eric Marienthal

Others: Daniel Lanois producing an eventual album by this band

Style of music:A mix of Jazz, Fusion and Rock

I don't know what music would come out of this band, but it would be great, that I'm sure.


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Drums: EH

Bass: EH

Guitar(s): EH

Keyboards: EH

Percussion: EH

Vocals: EH

Background vocals: EH

Horns: EH

Others: EH

Style of music: EH

It would be the worst band ever :)

Doctor Dirt

Drums: Chuck "popcorn" Lowden

Bass: Anthony "Dog" Boyd
Guitar; Ed Cherry

Keyboards: Anthony Geraci (B3 Hammond)(Rhodes piano)(clavinet)

Percussion: Mongo Santamaria

Vocals: the Original Doctor Dirt

Background vocals: Pointer Sisters

Horns: Memphis Horns

Others: George the "Professor" Lenzi (Harp)

Style of music: the Original Doctor Dirt & the Boogie Blues Band Music 1969 thru 2005
.........................this would be one very high energy band featuring a few of my old mates and a few that would be added power!!! Doc


Wow, have not seen one of these in about a month now..I think this is the longest we have ever gone..lets see this time I say

Drums: Chad Smith

Bass: Les Claypool

Guitar(s): Jimmy Hendrix, Terry Kath

Keyboards: Stevie Wonder

Percussion: Sheila E

Vocals: Whoever felt like singing that day

Background vocals: DUH

Horns: Kenny G

Manager: Chuck Norris...No one screws this band over

Style of music: Funk/rock


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This is about all the talent I can come up with!

Drums:Neil Peart

Bass:Les Claypool

Guitar(s):Joe Satriani, Kenny Wayne Shepherd,

Keyboards: Luci Butler

Percussion:Kevin Recard

Vocals:Sebastian Bach, Stevie Nicks

Background vocals:pearl Aday, Adele

Horns: Phenix Horns

Others: Phin Collins Just because he does it all

Style of music: Pretty much anything!