Crazy Auxiliary snare tuning.


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I have two (Count 1, 2) extra snares lying around that I am not using.

I lost my johnny Rabb Jungle/DnB CD where he explains how he tunes his aux snares to get the pseudo electronic sounds.

For those of you that use auxiliary snares, what sound do you like to go for and how do you tune it to get that way?

Xero Talent

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I've got 2 snares as well, one wood and one steel both 14"x 5.5". The wood one has a Coated Ambassador tuned normally (pretty tight and crisp).

I put a Pinstripe on the metal snare and cranked up the tuning so it has a really poppy ring to it, almost like a piccolo. Sounds great in contrast.


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I typically favor my snares with a tight, brighter crack to them. I tune my main snares on the tight side.

I rotate between 5 (I think there are 5?) snares, but I keep a 6x10 PDP Blackout Popcorn snare mounted next to my 10" tom. I only use it for occassional measures in a song. However, all my drumming buddies prefer the tone of this drum over my other snares (among them Stewart Copeland, DW Collectors, Tama Artwood 13x6.5). They'll start jamming on the main snare. When I leave the studio room, I see that they've ended up on the popcorn when I return.

The funny thing is that I got this snare free with a Zildj A Custom box set. It's tuned nice and tight for a sweet "pop - crack". I've got an Ambassador head and hazy 300 reso that is tuned a little tighter than the batter. I keep it tight, with just enough poppy ring to it.


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I try and get my 14x4 yamaha brass main snare very dry, and my 14x5.5 old used rogers chrome on brass (I think) auxiliary snare as ringy as possible.