Crashing Ride in the Zil A line?

I have a medium 18, and it's not quite for the task, although it's quite powerful as a normal crash. For crash riding, I'm thinking a thin 19?


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on a medium thin weight... the 21 will sound loud and open up without hitting it hard.

it'll actually take more to make a smaller cymbal sound loud than it will a larger.


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I don't know how hard you play, but the harder you play, the bigger and thicker your cymbals should probably be for this purpose. Personally, I have a 19" Med. Thin A from the late 70s that I can crash/ride on at quiet to medium-loud levels. I don't ever bash like a caveman, but if I did, I have a 21' Med. Thin 50s A that I would probably use.

Just don't get a larger thin cymbal and try crash/riding like a caveman--it will sound bad and not last. You want to make sure you don't overplay your cymbals, or they will choke (get quieter) and worse yet, get damaged!


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I recently received a Avedis Sweet Ride 21", and that thing is super crashable or ride-able. Or crash ride-able. lol.

Are you able to go to a store to check any of your prospects out?