Crashing on the 1


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i think it's a bit boring. i like crashing on offbeats and stuff. using toms/snare to accent rather than the kick etc. just makes it a bit more interesting i suppose.
nice video from mike btw, he always rocks!


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Like everybody, I try not to be the typical rock drummer & crash on the downbeat of every measure or after every fill or transition. Sometimes the music just needs it. I feel like I really used to over use the crash, and I have worked on having less/making more dynamic use of the cymbals.

To some of the other comments about being a crutch or only being a timekeeper etc. I agree that a drummer should be able to express themselves & play their instrument as much as any other. However, I have always felt like it was my job to control dynamics, tempo, and signal where the changes are. Almost like a conductor, if everyone follows me we will be alright (as long as I don't F' it up, lol). I wouldn't want to play with people who didn't know their music or couldn't feel the beat, but I like to be a solid foundation of a group.


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imo it depends on who you're playing with. if it's people you know are going to be bang on no matter what you play then it's great. same with if you're playing with DJs and you're just adding things in/going crazy while the normal mix carries on.
i feel you on the 'being a conductor part' though. the most annoying musicians i play with are not the the ones who don't understand, it's the ones who can understand but then decide to try some amazing sweep pick and ruin the whole song. infuriating to say the least. i actually don't mind playing with those who play simple and steady, and in that regard just being a timekeeper is great!