Crash suggestion

hey guys!hope all is well.
i am in the market for a new crash to compliment my setup.
i currently play 18 meinl vintage sand thin and a 16 turkish kurak.
looking for options of 18 inches and up that would blend in well. i am no hard hitter so i usually stay away from heavy cymbals. it needs to be medium or thin, should open up fast, be on the dark side of the sound spectrum. i have no preference brand wise. the only line i am dismissing is meinl dark series as they sound to dead to me.
any input is appreciated. thank you.

Hollywood Jim

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It is very hard to select cymbals. Especially in a cymbal store.

The best help I can give you is to go to live shows. Find a cymbal that someone owns that you like. Borrow that cymbal.
Take it to a cymbal store and compare it to other cymbals and purchase the one that sounds good to you.

Or, go to a Guitar Center and buy a cymbal. Try it out for a week. If you don't like it take it back and get another one.
You can keep doing this over and over again until you find one you like.



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Yeah, there are a lot of options (even considering your current palate). Your best bet is to just look around lineups and try/listen to cymbals until you find something that interests you.


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Take a look at Meinl Byzance Jazz, Sabian HHX Legacy, and Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz. All of these cymbals are thin, open up easily, and are on the dark side of the spectrum. They're all pretty thin so you can even get one of their 20" ride cymbals to use as a crash. I have a 20" Manhattan Jazz ride and at just over 1700 grams it's actually lighter than a lot of 20" crash cymbals. I use it as my main crash/alternate ride and it's a buttery smooth, very versatile cymbal.
Thanks for your input guys.
Guitar center in not available in russia.
Its pretty sad here music store wise.
I am pretty set on turkish vintage soul 18 inch crash. Sounds beautiful to my ears. Opens up quickly.


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Meinl 18" Extra-thin hammered crash. It´s brighter than the vintage series crash and is a nice contrast. My favorite Meinl crash along with the Meinl 20" Jazz series thin ride. Yes, the jazz thin ride is an amazing crash and opens up real fast.
Got an 18 turkish vintage soul crash. Very musical, warm, mellow. Will try to post a demo soon. High quality cymbals for sure!