Craigslist - Very funny...


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That was a laugh to read, I hope it is someone on this board, props to them haha.

Is there a user called BlastBeatDrummer on here?

Also if it turns out to be a serious post (doubtful I know) but it would make it so much funnier haha.


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That's funny. I like that one though. It isn't boring or stupid. Really, someone might call them on that.


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Yep, nothing like that first dance of the reception. Nice and slow, cheek to cheek, while Mr. No Dynamics plays blast beats. lol


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Oh my god, I'm D Y I N G at this. "Kinse and Yeras?" "The verse? The chorus? I DON'T CARE!"

I often make jokes with blast beats with my rock band during practice. During the guitar solos, practically every measure has a blast-beat fill in it. Hey, if he can masturbate his ego, so can I!


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What a great sense of humor the poster of that craigs ad had.
That was cool! It really was funny.
I can't stop laughing.


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Legendary ad. I count approx. 20 members with a username pertaining to blast beats. Could be any one of them I suppose : )

Bruce M. Thomson

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Thing is that someone may very well want precisely what this guy is offering, it is quite a catchy ad and I bet he gets lots of calls; it is funny for sure and maybe even corny but so is the colour of gold.