Craigslist Score!


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I can't manage to upload a pic at the moment. Suffice to say she looks like an old Zildjian. Co/3 dot stamp. No key holing, cracks, or nicks. Plenty of stick marks befitting a 40 year old cymbal. Looks like someone spilled a drink on it at some point. I'm wary of cleaning it. More importantly she sounds like a dream.


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Awesome score! Would love to see the stamp.


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Told ya an old 22" A Ride was worth the journey! Congrats dude!

Don't worry about cleaning it, if it's survived this long a bit of tlc will do it the world of good!

Some idiot had put gaffer tape on the top of mine and the residue must have been 30 years old. Had to pressure wash it off......last resort.

Get some mild cymbal cleaner like the Paiste one and get to work with the elbow grease, you'll slowly see it come back to life.

Zildjians age really well, you'll get a nice dulled shine.