Craigslist Score! and Camco Question

I was idly scrolling through CL on my phone while waiting for an appointment today when I saw and ad for a Camco drum kit for $150. Immediately, two things came to mind: "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is" and "at this price, someone will beat me to it" However, a couple phone calls and a 15 minute drive through Vancouver rush hour traffic later, I bought the drums. The story is, the guy was selling them cause they'd been in storage for 15 years, and he wanted to move them quickly for Christmas money. He told me on the phone that they had been refinished before he got them and they didn't have their badges. Yes, that impacts their vintage cred, but the hardware and bearing edges, and re-rings all look correct. The hardware needs a good cleaning, but has minimal pitting that I can see. AND then he threw in a couple cymbal stands, a kick pedal and a pair of Sabian AA hihats and a Sabian 20" ride. The drums are 22x16, 12x8,13x9, and, oddly enough, a 15x13 floor tom. I had a quick look online and found no other kit with this unusual floor tom sizing. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

I haven't had time to take any pix yet, but will try to do so when I get time.

Does anyone know whether or not replica badges can be found, in case I decide to do some restoration on them?

Thanks for any info!


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badges can be occasionally bought on ebay for exhorbitant prices. if it were mine, why bother.
what a steal fro 150, and even if it were not a Camco, what he through in was quite the deal too.
there recently was another guy in Van who had a good looking Camco in 24-16 - 14 sizes for sale for a good price (but not 150!)