craigslist find of the week


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Hey folks,
For those gear hounds out there, what we have here is a set of vintage Tamas complete with custom internal dampening installed.

Extra dampening materials included to tweak the sound as needed, when you just gotta have that authentic sound of virgin flat cardboard.

You're welcome!!

(Disclaimer: I have no financial or business interest in this kit, just passing along this compelling opportunity)


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Pull out all that excess junk from inside the shells,
clean 'em up, put new heads on,
and it might make a good starter set for someone.

Looks pretty funky now though.


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Second set this week that I've seen like that. The other was on Clist add on facebook.

It's for people that hate drums.


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i LOVE swingstars.. and although the owner is insane.. and they need to be fixed up. i think thats a bargin:)