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Don't know if this was a great score, but...

Yamaha 4 Piece Power V
Pearl 14x8 free floating snare
DW5000 pedal
Yamaha hh stand
Zildjian 14" New beat top/quick beat bottom hh
Zildjian A Custom 17" Crash
Zildjian A 8" crash
Paiste Sound Formula 16" power crash
Tosco 20" medium ride
3 boom/ 2 straight stands


Kudzu Monroe

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Drum Set.... Unbelievable deal - $2500

14 piece drum set.... Everything must go!!! This is not a beginner set! This is a professional set for a band
All mounts, all stands, extra snare. Synthetic wood tonk, cow bell with mount,
Mounted tamberine, all symbols are Zildjian.... Crash, splash, high hat, ride, china hat everything!!!
Some of these cymbols are worth 300.00 all by themseves! Dual roto floor toms, for excellent controll.
Sonic bass drum! That's right I said sonic bass drum!!!!
It's 4 feet deep.... Feel it in your chest.... Extra high hat too
Set is black..... You will never see a deal like this again. Set easly worth 6500
Do your research.... Oh also comes with plush hydrolic drum seat too excellent condition



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Complete Sonor Force 2001 5-piece drum set in good condition, heavy-weight stands, Zildjian cymbals and throne included.

Kit includes:
5-piece Sonor Force 2001 drum kit with red maple wood finish
Drum stands
Kit also has studio rings and bass muffler sticker

Cymbals include: Zildjian ZBT 4-cymbal cymbal starter pack (Crash, high hats, ride) and Zildjian A 18-inch Rock Crash A series (Very good condition).

Note: 16-inch crash has 2 1/2-inch edge crack. Snare head has 1-inch tear

Price: Negotiable

Willing to break up the kit for the right price.