Craigslist deal. It pays to set up alerts!


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I set up alerts for keywords on Craigslist a few months ago hoping to get the jump on any potential deals. One of those keywords was "Supralite"...and today I got a notification about 20 min after posting. $100 for Mint condition 14x6.5 Supralite. It came with an almost-new Evans Genera HD batter and Evans 300 snare side. It also came with a bag!

I recorded a quick video with my iPhone. The sound quality isn't great, but thought I'd post it anyway.

Holy cow! This thing sounds AMAZING. It sounds way better than you can hear in this video. I think the iPhone might be compressing the sound by default?


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Excellent! The Supralites are pretty great snares, best bang for the buck!


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Pardon the pun but that's a steal!!

Those lugs are beautiful. I want something similar for my Acrolite.

Sounds great, by the way (y) (y)


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This Supralite does NOT sound like a $200 snare. To me it sounds like the Supraphonic's rowdy cousin. For 1/3 the price. Granted, it has new Evans heads on it, so that helps.

For context, the video I posted makes this snare sound "pretty good".....maybe a 7.5 out of 10. In person it sounds like a 9.8 (to me anyway.)

It has all the throaty low end and body of a Supraphonic, but it has MORE razor sharp high-end crack than any snare I've ever heard. It's like it has the high-end crackle of a 3.5" piccolo transplanted onto a Supraphonic.

The clarity of this snare rivals anything I've ever heard. It doesn't get any more articulate than this. Despite being 6.5" in depth, it has the immediacy, clarity and crispness of a piccolo. If you're into a longer, slower, thicker, or warmer note, this snare may not be for you.

It also has a really satisfying ambient "ping" after each note, (that's not really audible on the video).

It's LOUD.....2 notches louder than an Acrolite, and even louder than my DW Edge 13x7. It's juuust about loud enough to need earplugs if you hit it harder than forte.

I would hesitate to call this a great "all-around" snare though, only because its volume will make it overpowering for the quietest gigs. (Unless you have control like Mark Guiliana) For medium to loud playing situations, yes, this snare has everything!

Despite the $200 retail price, this snare does not look cheap either. (well, maybe the badge looks a little cheap) But the hoops, tube lugs, butt plate and shell all look to be high quality, equal to that of a $300-$600 snare. The throw off is simple, yet it looks more robust than a P-85.

This is going on my short list of budget "deals" to recommend to anyone looking for a new snare. It sounds like a Supraphonic turned up to 11.

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I've been eyeing them online all year. Very nice looking drum and you got a steal for sure. Nice (y) \

I'm going to have to try the keyword deal. I don't Craigslist much, by choice.