Craigslist, Best deal ever....NOT


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not just deluded, but damn Angry seller.
"DONT ASK any questions OR THE PRICE GOES UP!" Do you hear me?!


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Oh come on guys!! This person is totally reasonable. (??)

I'll bet this is what's going on:
Wife: "Get rid of you damned music shit in the spare bedroom. My mother is coming to live with us."

Husband: "No effin' way!"

Wife: "If you don't, I'll be havin' one hell of a bonfire in the front yard, then."

Husband: "Over my dead body, you will."

Wife: "That can be arranged, ya know!"

Husband: "Fine then, you damned woman! I'll list everything on Craigslist in the morning. Happy now?!? Grumble, grumble, grumble."

Wife: "Yes. Thank you, you hairy moron!"

So, he lists all his crap on CL, prices it too high, refuses to part it out, and says he'll raise the price if you ask any questions so he can piss off perspective buyers. Only so he can tell his wife he tried his best to get rid of all of it, but it just didn't sell and he'll simply have to hang on to it.

Be on the look out for a big bonfire in Arizona.


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Text him, asking what is the least he will take ;)
I just texted the guy. I wrote:

Hey, saw your Craigslist ad and was wondering what the lowest price you would take is?

I think that $2500 is too high a price.

He immediately texted back (3 times) with the reply of:
Read tye adv
Read tye adv
Read the ad


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He's out of his mind. This is an extreme example but I don't understand why people do this. Preferring to sell as a package is one thing but to refuse parting certain things just makes no sense. If I'm looking for drums I'm probably not interested in a guitar or amp and vice versa. Even with just drum kits it's often a good idea to sell cymbals separately from drums unless it's a crappy beginner package at a low price. Lots of drummers are just looking for a shell pack or a cymbal.


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I'm selling a speedboat and an electric wheelchair and I'm not splitting them up!
OMFG.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You, Larry, WIN THE PRIZE!!! I have no idea what the prize is, but you can guarantee we will not be splitting it up, LMAO!!


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He just texted me back and upped the price of the whole lot to $3000.

Oh, brother.
Text him back & ask if he'll accept $2,950 :) Can you imagine being in a band with this guy????

Really, if you're trying to sell something, who takes pictures like that, with gear in that condition?

Classic Larry analogy :) :) :)


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Hmmm just the uniqueness of it including a "crash pedal" makes it worth that much, it must be a prototype. Someone should text him and ask if he'll put up a pic of it part out just the "crash pedal" LOL