cracked cymbal - URGENT HELP needed


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so i've crakced my china and now it really buzz.... i need it fixed 'till tomorrow night.
one way to fix it is the traditional one... to drill at the end of the crack then cut it and sand the edges... my father though suggested me to heat the crack and then solder it. so what do you think i should do? the crack is <2 cm long and <1 cm wide

here are some pics (i edited in paint the first one because it wasn't visible because i shot the picture with my cell phone)

p.s. i didn't wanted to use the sticky thread because this is really urgent
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My limited experience tells me that you should absolutely avoid throwing flames at your cymbal. I have successfully used a Dremel brand hi speed tool to cut a half circle shape out of two crashes with the same type of crack you have (they were 17" Z Custom Crash and a 16" K Dark Crash). There was a slight change in the sustain, but the overall tone didn't seem to be affected. If you makes sure the edges are smooth, you should be able to get any rattling out of the sound when hit. Good luck!


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ok im probably going to drill a hole at the end of the crack and then cut it but what's better? to cut a sharp angle or a wide? or it doesn't matter..?




hmmm.. i would say wide. if you can get a uniform sorta semi circle cut out of your cymbal, no matter where the sound waves come from they should hit the edge equally. a sharp angle it may vary from hit to hit and affect the tone. thats just me thinking off the top of my head, wheres a physicist when u need one?


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Definitely wide. Sharp angle will have the edges flapping around a lot more, and all the forces would focus on a narrow part of the arc.