Crack in cymbal = me devestated


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And I feel sick.

At my last rehearsal on Sunday I noticed a very small crack on my 17" A Custom Projection crash. Its only about 3mm in size on the edge but when I saw it I was devastated. Honestly I felt a mixture of shame and embarrasment.

I have always prided myself on treating my cymbals well. I never clamp them to tight, always try to strike them properly and not have them at extreme angles. I have never damaged a cymbal in my 16 years of playing!!

The cymbal itself is around 4-5 years old so I am telling myself it may just be one of those things and my playing did not actually cause the crack. Infact, I am really HOPING that is the case!!!

Long time since I posted, hope you are all well!!



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Call around to music stores and find someone who can cut out the crack. It won't change the sound too much and the cut, if done properly, will be stronger than the edge was.

Good luck.