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Another astonishing performance from the great Cozy Powell :)

A song featured on the 1982 Jon Lord's Before I Forget album, the song's called Tender Babes, Cozy's intro makes you jump off your seat :) and an interesting groove which follows Jon Lord's keyboard's melody, one of my fav Cozy's little gem, turn up the volume and enjoy :))

Long live Cozy.


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Huge influence on me.


Kill the King... hello. Double kick work, the rhythm matching Daisley's bass pattern. What a tune.

Lost in Hollywood.... another fav I've played a zillion times.

Great snare work. I still do his Hi Hat fills 30 years later. Eyes of the World... off of Down to Earth. He has this longish, very composed fill that ends with the HH chips... friggen Brills.

Loves no Friend.... are you kidding me? WHAT A TUNE!

Dude was a monster in every possible way. I loved the first fill in Lost in Hollywood.... the snare to floortom to snare to floortom single stroke stuff. He projected power under control. I have always loved the way he played. Never heard him before Rainbow, didn't follow him after Rainbow. That stuff was just right in my wheelhouse and helped set a trajectory that I'm still on today.

Love this guy.

Man. I gotta go put in Down to Earth. One of the records that changed me.



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Memo to self:

Dayem.... DTE is still my fav Rainbow record.

I love this place. Thanks for the reminder!




I used to be a really big Cozy Powell fan. I saw him a few times with Whitesnake, Black Sabbath and Brian May. Live he was great and solid. And a real showman too.

As I grew older and went back to my roots (jazz, blues), I started to find Cozy's drumming lacking groove. I love old school powerhouse drummer, mostly Tommy Aldrdige and Ian Paice. These two were always grooving no matter what. With years, I started to find Cozy's drumming a bit "stiff" for lack of better word.

My favourite drumming of his is on his solo album "Especially You". To me, he showed a side of his drumming that was not seen before, in the sense that it was much more subtle and fine. He was much groovier, adding almost an "R&B" touch to his style.

Regardless, Cozy was one of the greatest rock drummers. He had his own style and sound.


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I started to find Cozy's drumming lacking groove. ... a bit "stiff" ...

... Cozy was one of the greatest rock drummers. He had his own style and sound.
Yes, Cozy has his own appeal. He reminds me of a heavier, faster and cleaner version of Ginger Baker - stiffness with enough conviction, musicality and skill to sound cool :)


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I've enjoyed listening to Cozy's playing on The Jeff Beck Group's Rough and Ready album since the mid 70's. Does anyone know what cymbals he was using at the time that album was recorded?


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Thanks for this, not one I've seen before, a good find, and an interesting insight, I though the fixing the bass pedal story amusing!
Okay, I admit that I was a day late and dollar short when it came to the solo career of Cozy Powell, but I would most certainly say that I was a longtime fan of him for sure. I grew up in the 80s so, I spent a great deal of time enjoying his works put forth then.

More on Cozy here

Now, as for his solo recordings, last year I really went on a bender when it came to Cozy, and as a result, I stumbled upon his four separate solo releases. Man, who would've thought after all these years that something old would sound so refreshingly new. So many great songs to be found on those cd's, geez where do I start?



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Ha awesome stuff as I expected! Refreshingly new? Not to these ears, but fun nonetheless!! Thnx for the Cozy reminder Percussion


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Worth mentioning his appearances on the Glen Tipton solo albums, Baptizm Of Fire and Edge Of The World which I think was one of his last sadly, it sat on the shelf for many years before Glenn Tipton released it in 2006 in tribute to Cozy and bassist John Entwistle who had also died by that point.
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bumping this thread lest my hero be is a brilliant solo from the Whitesnake tour, the 35th anniversary of which is coming up this year!
I've been a fan of his since the Rainbow days. My guitarist friend and I cut our teeth playing songs from the second MSG album. Cozy is one of my favorites all time drummers. I really wanted to see him with Whitesnake when they opened for Quiet Riot for the Slide it in tour but they switched opening acts when they came to my town. I did get to see him with ELP. I still have his first 3 solo albums from back then. The solo records have some great songs and playing with great guest musicians.


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I first heard Cozy Powell in Rainbow. What an addition he was to that band. One should also check out his two fusion albums, Over the Top and Octopus. I got them years ago as imports from Germany.


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The person who got me interested in playing the drums :) Remember hearing "Dance with the Devil" on "Top of the Pops" & getting a pair of my mothers knitting needles out & spending the next few days hitting everything I could with them :)