Cozy Powell


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Cozy Powell is a GREAT drummer! Most of all I like him in Rainbow, the song "Stargazer". And you?


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Re: What's about Cozy?

Absolutely, Powel and Dio, two of my favorites rockers of all time. This song is just awesome.


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One of the first drummers I emulated. He's a very solid rock drummer who went way too soon. Emerson, Lake and Powell, Rainbow, Cinderalla, Brian May. I spent a lot of time trying to get bass rolls to sound like his


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Some days ago I downloaded some songs from BEDLAM 1st album - WONDERFUL! Not only Cozy, all the band!


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I saw him play with Brian May, he was wonderful, so much power and the solo section when he played his famous 18/12 overture section brough the house down.


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I first heard Cozy Powell with Jeff Beck for those two great albums in the early seventies. The guy was amazing. He toured with ELP replacing Carl Palmer and was also fantastic laying that stuff...quite a switch in music...sign of a great drummer.


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Some pages from my photo tribute to Cozy. I made it for his Birthday, too

1. Bedlam - the first Cozy's own solo band. It's only beginning...
2. Cozy Powell's Hammer, 1974. After breaking this band Cozy became a racer
3. Cozy Powell

1. Cozy's YAMAHA, 1981
2. The sticks are obeyed to his strong arms...
3. Cozy Powell, 1979. Rainbow is behind. What's ahead?

1. From left to right: Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Cozy Powell, 1986-1987
2. Emerson, Lake and Powell
3. Cozy and his kit in ELP times

IV. COZY POWELL: 12-29-1947 - FOREVER!



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I've heard a lot of his stuff with bands such as Rainbow and Deep Purple and to be honest IMO he was the greatest rock drummer of all time! Not Bonham but Cozy all the way! I have more respect for him and a couple of others than any other drummer!


cozy was amazing....he was a HUGE influence on me when i started playing double kick.....listen to the middle of " a light in the black" or " kill the king" from his rainbow years......simply stellar.....and his solo album " octopuss" was incredible.......

r.i.p. cozy........we have lost a giant......

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I use to be several years ago so hooked up on the Rainbow On Stage 1977 album. I was trying to copy each of his fills, they were so inspiring. He's the one that made get into double bass. I always took Ian Paice as my main reference but Cozy Powell had so many heavy fills and a style that was perfect for Rainbow (i only know his work with this band).
He had also a rocking sound that was raw just before getting into headaching 80's sound.
R.I.P, he was a true legend


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Cozy Powell amassed a pretty impresive discography over the years and was definitely one of my faves. I first discovered him for myself when he was with Rainbow. I loved his work on the first Micheal Schenker Group album as well. I also had an album back in the 80s that he played on with a band called Phenomena. It was a sort of all-star/supergroup type thing, but now I can't recall who else was in the band.

Oh, yes, thanks for the videos Bernhard.

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Maybe I missed the thread, I hope so!! I was 10yrs old when I saw Cozy perform 'Dance with The Devil' on bbctv...Never wanted to be someone so much!
As I've got older I just appreciate the 'Power and the Glory' that was, and always will be, Mr. Cozy Powell


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rockbeat said:
I loved his work on the first Micheal Schenker Group album as well.
Actually Cozy was on Schenker's 2nd MSG album, 1981 (Simon Phillips was on the 1st, 1980). Two of my favorites are off of "Rising" by Rainbow. "Stargazer", Cozy's drum intro while Blackmore runs his pick down the guitar neck and then "A Light In The Black". A fantastic one two punch ending.

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Cozy also did some solo work, i have two of his solo records on an EP. My favorite "Dance With The Devil" it's brilliant!!! It's like a giant drum solo song. I don't have a link but try and find it ! Brilliant!!!
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