Couple of covers from practice


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Hey DW, never had the opportunity to post any of my playing before so I have finally gotten around to getting these out there.

@ songs my band covers - they were recorded by a tascam sitting on a few phonebooks in the middle of our practice space. Came out really sound quality wise.

I'm usually in the foreground alot through these songs, but on this occasion I didnt to try the minimal approach and tried to sit back and just disappear into the song.

I just laid back and tried to do the least amount yet still keep it musical and engaging- so anyone looking for monster chops- these 2 songs are really not for you.

I just tried to play for the songs that night and put the ego away.

Let me know what you think?

Dont think Twice:

The Weight:


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Superb tight & rock solid playing, but not stiff = nice! I like your feel very much :)