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Here is a short but sweet diddy from Cosmos 1972 album. Doug Clifford is one of the smoothest behind a kit, definitely an influence of mine. His drumming in the pocket so tight you can count the loose change down to the penny.


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This is awesome! I've been waiting for this album to be re-released and it is now available again! Thanks for the heads up! He was my first major influence on drums.

Just listen to the very first track (I Put a Spell on You) from CCR's very first album and was their very first hit.
Clifford had some great songs to really stretch out on at times.


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Yep J Boogie he also has been with Credence Clearwater Revisited since the mid late 90s, but that is nonetheless derived from CCR minus Fogerty bros. It was a shame the way they disbanded.

RUOK - Yessr - one of my favorites on the album is “Get Your Raise” but I only posted this one. Clifford was one of the few “rock” drummers to endorse Camco drums. Although I grew up trying to cover his stuff at a young age, for his hi hat sound, I would hit the edge of the tightly closed hat with the shoulder of my stick to try to emulate that definition. Lo and behold he used 16” hi hats so I would never be able to get that chunky sound out of mine.