Correct way to play patterns like this


I know it can be played anyway i want but

if there was a standardised way to play this pattern

starting at 00:19-00:22 (please note i just found this example but longer examples could also be discussed)

its basically repeating notes on same kind of drum whether its the high hat or snare

Sometimes i leave it to random, but i prefer to have a standardised way to go about this if possible

how do you figure this out if you gonna play R R L L or R L R L or how



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Depends on what I want to play directly after the pattern (which hand I want end the pattern on). So if I'm playing (right handed) a series of strokes on the ride but want to hit the snare at the end, it would be awkward if the pattern on the ride ended with my left hand, which would have to go immediately to the snare.

Another example, playing a triplet fill with a single floor tom stroke + two snare strokes.
Playing RLRLRL, you'd be doing some crazy and unnecessary crossover, when instead you could play single strokes on the floor tom and doubles on the snare RLLRLL.

And if you're playing the pattern on a single drum, the sticking could determine how natural certain accents and ghost notes feel.
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how do you figure this out if you gonna play R R L L or R L R L or how
It mostly depends on the tempo and what I am doing immediately after that phrase. Stickings are great ways to switch which hand is leading. That is incredibly useful for moving around the kit.


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I was working on something like this today. Once you reach a certain tempo it depends on how quickly you need to get over to the next tom. Paradiddles come in so handy!