Cork Bass Drum Beater


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Looking at the wear that you experienced after such a short duration is a pretty good indication of why they're not widely used. I'd felt-wrap it before subsequent uses to reduce the surface-wear.


I was going to tell you to soak the cork before use, and expound on the benefits of cork soaking, but I haven't soaked cork since a mixup in 68' where a buddy and I accidentally soaked each other's corks.. Or was it 70'? Might as well split the difference...

So yeah, wrapping your cork should be fine.

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I think there was an old Premier bass drum pedal that had a two sided beater which had leather wrapped cork on one side, and fluff on the other side. Phil Collins used it back in the day.


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I got into beater experimentation after seeing You Tuber rdavidr make a bunch of weird ones.
If nothing else, he got my creative brain going.

I've taken an old felt beater and trimmed it down to the size of a golf ball core. Then I'll take a cork ball from a craft store, hollow it out to fit and glued the beater inside. Now I have a cork-wrapped beater with a solid core.
It's good for lower volume gigs where you want a bit more punch. The cork will get a flat spot over time, so each time you use it, tweak the beater a bit.
Cork alone will come apart over time (usually from the inside first), so I'd recommend something solid inside.


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My best experiment to get more of a thud was to glue a cymbal felt to the wooden side of a two-way better. Sounded great


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I've used a sock draped over a felt beater to lessen the impact and give a rounder tone, which i like for low volume gigs and traditional jazz gigs, never tried cork though...