cool! pro-mark custom practice pads


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Too gimmicky and pricey..When it's all said and done, it's just the same old, one dimensional pad

For that same kinda money, I bought a P4 Practice Pad that has multiple pad surfaces and levels..


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yeah, I just dropped almost 40 bucks on a dual sided real feel pad, but if I hadn't I would have gotten one of these pro-mark pads. It just seems like a cool idea for the custom crowd.


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For $50 you coulda got the P4, which I use all the time now. 4 pads on 3 levels. Pat Petrillo designed it. It's so worth it. Don't even use the HQ anymore..

The gimmick on these I think, is to get you to think you're creating your own pad, which in reality, it's the same ol same ol.


Surely this is a little pointless as 99% of the time your practice pad is hidden away in the depths of your woodshed?