convert my old Tama snare to "Mondo-snare


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Interesting. I always wondered what a mondo snare was and sounded like. I prefer it as a conga/bongo. Thanks for sharing the remake.

Push pull stroke

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I can’t believe nobody else is interested in this. It could be great for low-volume gigs like coffee houses. Get a small kick, like 16 or 18, and a lambs wool beater cover, and some quiet hi hats. You can play this snare and the hats with brushes or hands. It’s quiet enough for even the smallest rooms. You could even accompany an unmiked acoustic guitar without killing your self trying to play softer, PLUS you still get a legit snare/kick/hihat sound.

Seriously, nobody likes that idea?


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If you find this right Diameter Thick PVC Pipe,then it will be very easy.I got this PVC pipe at my friend work place.They have a lot of different Diameter and length. I choose this one,because it can easily fit into my mondo head. Measure about 3.5"tall.Then cut it.i use grinder to trim the bearing-edge abit.(It just easily sit on top of the Tama Snare drum).Hope with all this information.Easy for you or other drummers here to try out.
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