Considering Selling a Drum Set and Would Appreciate Feedback


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Before even reading DED's response, these were my exact thoughts. You have kits that sound the same, because you like that sound, and you bought kits that sound the same. Did you say that they sound the same? :)

So, if I were you, I'd buy something totally different. Don't buy another maple kit (ie don't look at the New Classic). Try something in birch, or bubinga or oak and expand your horizons. Even if you still like maple the best, you'll have a new sound to experiment with. Have fun!
Again, very good points. I have been looking around again, and I do like the Tama Bubinga series, as well as the some vintage mahogany kits I have heard. The Yamaha Club Custom is made from kapur wood, which gives it a different, albeit slightly vintage tone. That one is currently piquing my interest.