Connecting a bass drum pedal


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Hey guys, when I attach my pedals to my bass drum hoop, the heel plate is slightly elevated above the ground. Is there anything that i can do so that the pedal base plate sits completely flat on the ground?


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Sounds like your drum might have a bit of a forward pitch.

Use the front spurs to make sure that the front of your drum is not on the ground, and you also want to try and make that sucker level.

It could also be things like the floor, or the pedal itself... I know I've had this happen a few times in various venues and attribute it to a rickety drum riser or un-even floor.


Yea this has happened to me before. The only thing that fixed it was I kept readjusting the pedal with the center of the drum. It was slightly off center causing the end of the pedal to slightly elevate.


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I'm thinking the front is too high forcing the batter side down too low causing the heel plate to lift up. Photo please.

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I've found that having the front spurs too low or too high causes this.

And it's not necessarily intuitive which way it goes. The only thing for it is to get down on the floor and adjust your spurs a little, then check the pedal, repeat until flat.

Also, the hoop clamp only needs to be tight enough to keep the pedal from moving around, it does not need to be tightened down with all your might (which can deform the hoop).