Confused About Snares


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So I am getting a DW Collectors kit shipped to me in a couple of weeks. The problem is I need to buy a snare to go with it. Throughout all my years of playing, I have never had to buy and after-market snare. So I don't know what I am looking for. Sound wise I know I want a fat sounding snare with a pop. Thus I prefer a 6.5x14 in size. I only have you tube and such to listen to different snares. The following are snares that the drum shop I am getting my DW's from has in stock. The only one I am familiar with just based on ALOT of people recommending with is the Black Beauty. Any feedback or help would be appreciated.

Ludwig Acrolite reissue
Ludwig Black Magic
Mapex Sledgehammer
Tama SLP G Bubinga
Pearl Sensitone Elite in Phosher Bronze
Tama Limited Edition exotic curly maple B/B (1 of 20 made worldwide)
Tama Starphonic
Lastly and most expensive...Ludwig Black Beauty Brass HW

The Black Page Dude

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I am a fan of the Sledgehammer ... I had a buddy who bought one. I felt that there were alot of sound options that could be achieved with it.

I hear good things about the Acrolite reissue .. but have not spent any time with one.


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If you can afford the Black Beauty, that's pretty much your fail-safe. That snare drum is the most used drum in music, and it has the right to be. Snare drums are all preference, so it's a good idea to do extensive listening to everything yourself. It is very possible to hate a drum, no matter how much you tune it. But it's worth saying that I don't think I've ever heard anyone speak ill of a Black Beauty.


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Demo them if you can and see which one you like the best. You're the one who needs to be happy.

Duck Tape

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Those dw kits are very powerful so you would want a powerful snare to match.

If you dont have a brass drum you should probably get one. I like the Tama and the Ludwig but all brands are pretty good and sound close.

Bo Eder

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Today my dealer ordered me a matching DW VLT snare. 6x14
Good for you! I was going to ask why you just did t get a matching DW snare. I did that on my first DW kit and it turned out great. The kit felt complete. Now I would think you could get some kind of metal drum to cover the other end of the spectrum and you'll be good to go for any recording session ;)


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I don't understand your use of the the term after-market,since all of the drums you have mentioned are current market gear,and in current production.

Ludwig snare drums are legend for a reason.The black beauty,as well as the acrolite and supraphonic as well as all of Ludwigs 400 series drums have been in production since the late 50's.

To my ear ,nothing beats a black beauty,and acro or a supra.,but it's all a matter of taste.Just find me a drummer that can say that none of those drums sound good,and I'll show you one in a thousand.

Steve B


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Today my dealer ordered me a matching DW VLT snare. 6x14
Good choice, although I wouldn't have gotten a matching finish. I have never liked matching snares. But I am not you, and you made a very wise choice. My 5.5x14 exotic VLT is one of my favorites in my collection.