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Me, me, probaby Ludwig.

They were originally called Melodic or Concert Tom-Toms for use in symphonic (read: concert) settings. Hence, concert toms. They existed well before the concept of a rock concert, so it couldn't have come from rock drummers using them.

There were a few anomalies however, most notably the Trixon Speedfire kit with its single-headed toms c1957.
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I have some. I think they are okay, have their place, and make life easy at times. I like the sound of a drum with reso head better. I have no idea who named them.

I dont like the 8" concert tom I have. I gave it to my wife's bird. He loves it.

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I don't like them, I don't use them, and whoever named (and invented) them should be held liable for his impropriety.

Concert toms are alright. I guess I've always somewhat disliked them for two reasons. First, I believe the tuning of the resonant head to hold the subtle mysteries behind the manifold nuances we can harvest from a drum. Delete the resonant head, and one-dimensional tonality seems to take hold. Second, concert toms are asymmetrical, and I like symmetry. What's at the top of a drum should also be at the bottom. Let's cross all t's, dot all i's, and keep things in proper order. Just as you should wear a shirt and pants when you leave home, your toms should have a top and bottom as well.

On the upside, concert toms do provide a rather nice attack, an abbreviated punch that can be quite appealing. They're also quintessentially 1970s. Disco wouldn't have been disco without them. Charlie's Angels might not have made it without concert toms, and a world without Jaclyn Smith would be a grossly deficient one.


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It is funny that the only thing he doesn't bang on, is the only thing specifically made to bang on.

That's bang on!

Maybe if you got him a real drum he'd play it :p

Put some Wings on. From the Beak-on Theatre.


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I think a guy named Tom named toms

Where else do you see the word tom used? Tom cat. Tom Turkey. That's it.

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Origin of tom-tom First recorded in 1685–95, tom-tom is from the Hindi word ṭamṭam Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019 Examples from the Web for tom-tom (From a Bing search).

I grew up playing concert toms (which were Crestlines without the reso heads and rims included when my Dad bought them). Nowadays, I can't really stand them. I want the option of tuning up that reso head the way I like. If I want a little deader sound, I slap on some hydraulics.

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My converted Pearl kit that I cut down for small stage set ups uses a concert mounted and floor tom. Mine are shallow so I have Evens Hydraulic heads on them to keep the low and a littler warmer, less like timbales.


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I don't use them now and I don't know if I like them anymore either. I used them in the 70s and early 80s because that's just what you did LOL. They weren't actually concert Toms I had just removed the rezo heads and filled the lugs up with cotton so the Springs wouldn't vibrate. I liked them back then


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I have a Phil Collins-style kit, so I have his 4-up/2 down set of concert toms. If you want THAT sound, there's no substitute.

I generally prefer the sound of a two-headed tom but I'm been thinking about using the concert toms if I ever get to gig again.