Concert for Sandy Victims


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I hope that those of you in the area will support this cause.

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band and Kanye West will hit the stage at a Superstorm Sandy benefit concert next month in New York City.
Madison Square Garden announced Thursday that Billy Joel, The Who, Alicia Keys and Jon Bon Jovi will also perform at the Dec. 12 show, dubbed "12-12-12." More performers will be announced later.
Proceeds from the concert will go to the Robin Hood Relief Fund to benefit those affected by Sandy in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
The storm killed more than 100 people, most of them in New York and New Jersey, when it hit in late October.

Anthony Amodeo

this is a great thing

we are not really used to that type of catastrophic weather up here ....and seems we were quite unprepared for it as well

this concert is a wonderful gesture


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Very cool.I know Paul has a place in the Hamptions and a Manhattan apartment I think.Pete Townsend loves New York Who fans,and what can you say about Billy Joel.

Springsteen and Bonjovei also love their New Jersey as well.

We were unprepared for this storm in many ways.The weather men got it right this time,but out elected officials,as well as the Red Cross IMO,dropped the ball on this one.

I 'm in Staten Island,so I was in the middle of this.They should have known what response to an event like this is all about.The midwest gets floods and tornados all the time.Florida and the Gulf states,as well as the south Atlantic states get hammered with hurricanes.

Did we learn ANYTHING from hurricane Katrina?Did our officials even bother to talk to officials from other states on how to handle this.In other cases,first responders are on the scene directly after the storm subsideds,with appropriate supplies and personel.That did NOT happen here.

I had a from row seat here,and I'm telling you,response was not only slow to come,but unprepared to deal with most of the devestation.I don't care what you heard or read,they got caught with their pants(trousers) around their ankles.I never saw so much back peddleing in my life.The real credit here goes to the first responders,or the body count would have been higher.

Sorry mods,but I was an eye wittness to these events.I just hope we learned something from this,and not just forget about this event....just like we do just about everything else.

Anyway...should be a great show,similar to the concert for New York to honor those first responders.

Steve B