Concept to increase an album sales!

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Concept to increase an album sale figures!

In april 2009, Josh Freese released his second solo album called "Since 1972" and was put on sales in no less than 11 versions, all at different retail prices between $7 to $75 000, every versions offered a special "package" included within the price.

The version of $7 offered the album in digital form, the $15 version added a CD and a bonus DVD. For $50, you got a T-shirt as extra, plus a phone call from Josh himself to thank you for the purchase.

The following packages ($250, $500 and $1000) included drumheads, cymbals and autographed drumsticks, plus you had the chance of meeting the drummer in person.

For the richer buyers, the formulas at $2500, $5000 and $10 000 included a private drum lesson, a DW snare drum, a whole day at Dysneyland with Mr Freese and the writting, the recording and the realisation of a video clip of a song dedicated to buyer!

Stronger still, the packages of $20 000 and $75 000, for these prices, Josh Freese would take his guest for a drive in Danny Carey's Lamborghini and integrated a band for a month, helping writting an EP of five tracks!

So, what do you reckon guys, a working concept? A total flop? What's your thought on this?

Link to the purchase at the time:
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Wow, if you've got the profile to pull that off, then go for it! Artists are finding ever more inventive ways of earning a crust. Of course, mostly out of necessity, but there's always a place for a USP.

My problem is, if I went down that road, the price structure would be reversed. A few dollars for the recording if I'm lucky. Anything that includes a photo of me would stay on the storeroom shelf, but if I introduced a lessons element, it's me who'd be paying out :)

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That's pretty funny. You notice nobody has taken him up on the 75,000 dollar one yet? I like where he says 'for an extra 50 dollars I'll show you where the guys from No Doubt live'. What a great marketing strategy.

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That's pretty awesome. Musicians have to find some way to sell their music now and convince people that it is still worth it to actually purchase the CD. I think more bands need to do this.