Compact, quick setup recording suggestions?

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Casper "DrPowerStroke" Paludan

Hi everybody,
I recently moved to San Diego from New York and I don't have a studio currently. However, I'm working on a book and I want to keep recording for this, so here's what I'd like your help with:

I need a recording solution that I can set up really quickly in an hourly rehearsal space. The space has a drum kit and microphone stands.

Since I'm renting this by the hour, I'd like to be able to set up very quickly, preferably out of a back pack. That is, I'd like to carry everything I need in a backpack.

What do you all recommend? I have no particular budget restrictions so I'm open to all suggestions.

Thanks so much for your suggestions guys, looking forward to hearing from you.

The style of music is lighter styles, from funk to jazz.