Common Classic Rock Shuffles


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The Blues Brothers have several good covers that are "not quite" but I think may be close enough: Hey Bartender, I Don't Know and, of course, Green Onions.


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Haven't seen it yet, but what about:

Fool In The Rain by Zepplin....this is always the first song that comes to my head when I think rock shuffle

edit: oops, re looked and did see it mentioned, but still...
I had that one my on my original list, I'm not sure why it fell off the list.

Which reminds me, Breakdown by Tom Petty is another not-so-obvious shuffle. :)

Thanks Bermuda!

Also occurred to me:
Harden My Heart by Quarterflash (well, ok, it was sort of a hit)
Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

There's so much nuance too playing both "Breakdown" and "Rule the World" for different reasons. Much like "London Calling" by the Clash, Topper is such a sneaky-good and underrated drummer.