Coming back around...kits inside


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I've been absent from this board for awhile, but seasons have changed and I should be here for awhile now. I figured I'd re-introduce myself with some pics of my kits.

First up is my Pearl SRX Session Custom Maple in Carbon Mist.

The 14" and 16" toms were hanging when I got the kit, so I ordered brackets and legs from Pearl and drilled them myself (very carefully!) All toms swapped to Mastercast hoops.

The snare is a 6.5x14 Pork Pie BOB with die cast hoops and 30 strand Puresound Custom wires. The goal here was to mimic the Paradise Drums "Hitmaker".

13" Zildjian K hats
18" Zildjian Rarities K Custom Session signed by Steve Gadd
22" Zilco
20" K Custom Dark
(Sometimes an 8" Avedis thin splash)

Yamaha 700 series hardware.



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Next up is my little cheapie MIJ stencil kit. Based on some web research, I believe it was once a Majestic kit. The first pic is what it looked like when I got it ($50 on the Guitar Center used site). I re-covered it in Silver Sparkle vinyl fabric. I use it as a small gig kit when I don't want to mess up the Pearl's lacquer finish.


I play this one with either the Pork Pie Snare above or the madeover Pearl Mirror Chrome snare you'll see in the next post. One of the previous owners of this kit upgraded it to modern bass spurs, but they were mis-matched when I got it, so I replaced them with a matching set of Pearl Session/Masters spurs (my favorite type).



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Finally, we have my church's kit. It belongs to them, but because I'm the primary drummer and the one who plays it and maintains it, I consider it a little bit mine. Also, they had a Yamaha Stage Custom kit, which I sold and bought this one...yeah, I put in a little of my own money to make that happen, so again, it's their kit, but I feel some ownership of it.

Pearl Masters MCX in Black Sparkle Fade


5x14 Pearl Mirror Chrome Steel Shell snare drum.

Pearl hardware pack out of the new Export kit (830 series, with 930 Demonator pedal)

14" Zildjian New Beat Hats
18" Zildjian Avedis Fast Crash
21" Zildjian Avedis Sweet Ride
16" Zildjian Avedis Fast Crash