Color Matching Snare Drums to kit


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I could use a color matching suggestion.

I have a DW Performance set in Titanium Sparkle finish, which looks like this:

I really like the sound of my DW performance snare, which is 6.5 x 14. I want to buy a 7x13 DW performance snare drum to add to my collection. Can't seem to find any, and may be a speical order. However, there are others that are available now in other finishes.

Such as the one in gunmetal grey:

and this one is silver (not titanium) sparkle:

and this one in ebony:

I know what I like is obviously what matters, but I could use any opinions. I think the grey or ebony would work better than a different shade of sparkle. (Of course what does it really matter in the overall scheme of life anyway, I'm expected someone to say "who gives a crap?" but...)


Jeremy Bender

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if you're sold on that sound, then I think the gun metal compliments best. Pick what you fancy the most.
Just remember that most audience members will not walk away from a great performance making comments regarding the color of the drummer's snare drum.


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I have never in my life owned a matching snare drum to the kit I play, and to be honest I can't think of a reason why getting a matching snare would be beneficial. I've gravitated towards metal snares and they do the specific things I want. The sound for me is far more important than the look.

I suppose if I found an amazing wood snare and I had the option to wrap it to match my kit, I might consider it... but the sound would have to come first.


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Thanks guys for the opinions. I too like the gunmetal gray. Thank you for the opinions. While I'm aware that no one will care about what color the snare drum is except for me, given that I have a choice, I thought that it would be nice to ask for some opinions, all the while setting myself up to be told that no one cares about the color of the snare drum. :)

Agreed about playing kits where the snare drum didn't match. So have I. It's the sound. But here I have a choice.

Also, I really AM sold on how the performance snares sound. I'm honestly blown away by how good my performance snare sounds, and it's the standout drum on the kit for me.


Hollywood Jim

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Yeah, I like the gunmetal gray too. Or is that grey?

A matching snare drum is really only an issue for you, and maybe another drummer who is looking over your kit.
If you watch videos of bands playing live you are never able to see the snare drum. When you wrap your legs around the snare drum, it's covered up.
In fact when the snare is being played, even the player can't see the color of the drum. LOL



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Most of the time, the snare is hidden by the rest of the kit. So most people won't see it anyway.
You will, so if it matching it to the kit matters to you, then do it.

Sound is #1 on my list for that drum before aesthetics.


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Mike Stand

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Haven't looked at the photos in the links, but on a general note I'll say that metal snares usually blend well with just about any other finish.

Steel and Aluminium and chrome coated snares will the most flexible, but even copper and brass go well with the majority of drumkits IMO.


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Gunmetal is my vote.

I have never had a matching snare. I sort of dig the non matching snare look. :)


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I'd say to go with black chrome over brass. I.e., just get a Ludwig Black Beauty and call it a day.