Collingwood Cymbals - the new batch


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Hi all, I've been working on a new batch of cymbals and have just uploaded a bunch of videos to my website showcasing what's ready:

EDIT - purchase links added to all cymbals. 24" Rough-Edge Ride and 18" Dry Crash/Ride sale pending, but drop me a line if you want to go on the list for either!

Plenty more coming through!

18" Crash

6.5" Chime

A couple of thin 24"s (and a beautiful set of Bosphorus hats!)
(I'm keeping these!)

24" 'Rough-Edge Ride' (which has since been drilled for 9 rivets)

First round of hammering a paper-thin 17" crash

17" Heavy Crash resting by the lathe
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