College to study drum set and something else


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Has anyone tried the College Drum Classes at MI College of Contemporary Music? My goal is to major in instrumental performance. I think I could also try some courses with contemporary music emphasis and drum set centered studies. I also found good reviews about Drumtech, but it's in London, and I'm not ready to abroad just yet.

Honestly, any school offering a jazz degree will probably suit you. There are good programs all over the country. If you want to be in/near LA, there are a bunch of them: UCLA, USC, Northridge, Long Beach, Cal Arts, for example.

I haven't heard much about MI lately; when I was at SC it wasn't taken real seriously. I know there are good people there, but if you're just doing a one year certificate you don't really have much chance to form relationships, which is a big part of what you want to get out of going to school.

Peter Erskine is at USC.

Don't rub it in. A few people were studying with him when I was there, but they made me study with the main guy, who was way too Hollywood, and not much of a drummer. Then Ndugu Leon Chancler, who I would have killed to study with, became the main guy a couple of years later.