Collar on Aquarian heads smaller diameter than others?


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I'm working with an old Pearl Aluminum snare and I tried the following:

Evans Dry batter
Aquarian Hi-Energy batter
Aquarian Power Dot batter
Remo Emperor batter

The Evans had a snug fit, you couldn't spin the head while it was on the drum. Neither of the two Aquarians would seat properly on the bearing edge. In both cases there would be an area between two of the lugs where you had to really crank down on the head to get the wrinkles out. The Emperor settles into the bearing edge with just a tiny bit of play. The Emperor tuned up evenly at each lug.

Are the Aquarians significantly narrower at the collar? I've seen this with Pork Pie brass and iron shelled drums so I don't think that a shell-specific problem.


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the saf-t-loc hoops on aquarians can cause some fitting issues, as well as the heads are pre-formed so they have a built-in collar, which has been an issue for some, ive got a pearl snare from the 70s and my aquarian fit nicely on it, but i got a pearl joey jordison signature snare and the aquarians were a bit tight fitting on it. IMO some drums are tighter fits than others.


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Seems to me if you’ve got all those heads you could simply measure them and answer your own question :)


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I've had that with the Aquarian heads in 2004/2005 or so. Were really tight around the shells i was using that time and haven't used them since. On the snare at that time they fitted like a charm thought