Collabs & Projects?


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Hi Peeps again,

Ok, now Ive read most of the rules here, so if I missed one in regards to this topic, I do apologize. This is NOT spam, but want to know if anyone is interested in writing, making or just adding drums to music.

I do believe this hasnt been covered because almost ALL of you are drummers except for me :p

What Im looking for is a drummer here, that wants to work on music with me. The other day, I ran into a drum track, to a song only he could hear. I downloaded it, and put some of my guitar to it. Well, unbelievably I liked it. Sounded very Van Halen-like IMHO. Well, I know a guy who sounds very Sammy-like. He agreed to sing. But the tunes is unorganized (ex: Chorus, verse, bridge) So Im looking for a drummer to work on this with us.

I just uploaded a quick look at what I came up with. Recording isnt final. Actually recording still sounds lousy to me LOL. But I had to show the singer what I had in a hurry. Take a listen. (Please dont laugh etc, this is just a roughy LOL)

So there it is. An all around rough draft. Can you hear a bit of Halen? I didnt go to crazy cause its still layed out wrong (plus Ive only been playing Bass for like a hour LOL)

Is anyone willing to work with me? I do A LOT OF projects, so I'll always have something, and will do some of things you guys need.

If this isnt allowed here, can someone please let me know? :)