Coated CS on 22" Batter


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I want a little more of a natural tone than a Powerstroke 3 is giving me, but I still want a lot of focus. Is a Coated CS the right decision? I don't put anything in the drum to muffle it, and use a Powerstroke 3 resonant head. I tune the batter lower than the resonant side.




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A Coated PS3 is a lot warmer than the clear model if you haven't tried that one.

A Coated CS is warmer than the Black Dot. It may even have a smaller dot, but I'm not sure.
The 14" Coated CS top dot has a smaller dot than the bottom dot head anyway.

A Clear Dot is warmer than a Black Dot, and is not as "smack-y" either.
The Clear Dot head is actually a pretty "round", warm and fat sounding head.

Neil Peart used these for years (bass drum and snare).

There is also a Smooth White Black (White or Clear) dot as well.

That head is fatter sounding than a Clear film Black Dot, and has some punch to it.
The white film is has a warmer tone to my ear, and it's been studier IME.
Cozy Powell used those a lot on his Ludwig & Yamaha kits.

Her's a clip.

Smooth White Black dots on everything--although these are 26" bass drums.
Nothing in the drum, and a big hole in center of front head.


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Well, I decided on a Powerstroke Pro Coated. I know that's kind of a step in the opposite direction, but I am quite surprised at the amount of resonance this head has! All of the self muffling thingies seem only to focus the tone and not choke it. I think this head is leagues above the Powersonic. It'll be interesting to see how it sounds after a little wear.