"closing time" crash/ride ?


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I was watching the video " closing time" by simisonic, on youtube, the drummer appears to be riding a 16" crash/ride through most of the song. any ideas what cymbal that is ? thanks in advance for info.


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To me it looks more like an 18 inch. Also just because he is playing a certain cymbal in the video, doesn't mean he played that cymbal in the studio. I've done video shoots before when none of the gear I have been using is mine except for the sticks. Your best bet would be to research the drummer and find out what gear he uses.


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right you are JT. I didn't think of that, prolly a prop drum kit. I'm farily new to drumming. it sure sounds " splashy" for a 20" ? right now I have a zidjian 20" ping ride, and a sabian aax 16" thin crash, I want to add a 3rd cymbal, and I like the sound of the one in that vid. thanks again.


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Looks and sounds like a 60's-70's vintage Zildjian 18,probably a medium crash possibly a crash/ride.As for a prop set of drums...those are 60's vintage Ludwig Super Classics,so not really just a prop.

That cymbal has so much wash because he's playing the very edge of it,and not the bow.

Steve B