Closest thing to a Ludwig Orchestra batter head


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I recently bought a 1967 Ludwig Acrolite. It had around six or seven stick marks on the original Ludwig Orchestra batter head. The drum was virtually unused. I started playing it lately and I can't believe how good it sounds with this head. I have other Acrolites with Remo Ambassadors and they don't sound as sensitive or as open as this one. I know these heads were discontinued years ago so I'm looking for the next best alternative. Any suggestions?


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I think Ludwig still makes the Weathermaster medium head themselves, which should be the closest.

Otherwise, you're probably going to need to look at everyone's 7-mil coated heads to find another best "close enough" to that head.


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Ludwig was pretty liberal with the head weights... a 10mil head was considered Heavy. 😮 So their Orchestral batter might have been 5mil, but probably 7mils. In that case, an Evans Reso7 or coated Remo Diplomat would be sort of comparable.

Currently, Ludwig still manufactures their own coated medium snare batter (and snare sides) for 12/13/14". It could be used for orchestral work, but if you demand the most sensitivity, I'd try the Reso7. It specs out the same as the Diplomat at 7mils, but feels thinner, just as the G1 feels thinner than an Ambassador, even though they're both 10mils.