Closest Present-day Cymbal to Zildjian (Bill Stewart) K Dry Complex Ride?


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I was recently watching a YouTube demo by Sinclair Lott of two different Zildjian K Dry Complex Rides, the Bill Stewart models, which Zildjian unfortunately no longer makes.

What are your all's thoughts on current cymbals that best capture that sound? K Constantinople Bounce Ride? Meinl Big Apple Dry Ride? Meinl Monophonic Ride?

I wish Paul Francis would bring those rides back into production.


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I had one of those for a while & didn't like it. It was just "too dry" (if that's a thing) for the music I played. Sounded like a trash can lid & I just couldn't wrap my head around it.
I've heard them on many recordings & they sound unbelievably awesome. Why mine never sounded like that is a mystery.

As for a replacement, Meinl has a great assortment to dry rides that I'm sure would be close.


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The Bounce Ride is a good guess. I have a Renaissance Ride that sounds pretty close, and it would sound closer if it were just a little thicker and heavier. The Dry Complex (at least the one I have) has a more defined ping coming out of the bow.

The Dry Complex profile is also a little different, bending downward near the edge, more so than the Renaissance or the Medium Thin Low.

They do come up on eBay and Reverb every so often.