clips from our last gig


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Hey, just wanted to post a couple of clips from our last gig. I try to just set up a camera now and then so we can critique ourselves. Usually I put it out in the audience area, but on Friday I experimented with putting the camera onstage (behind the PA). Everything is mostly stage volume, with the vocals coming through a floor monitor just under the camera, so it all balances fairly well.

I was so pleasantly surprised with how they turned out that I replaced some of the older videos on our youtube channel with these new ones. The old videos were a couple of years old and we've had a couple of personnel changes since then. I'm very happy at how solid we've become as a band with the new members.

These are a few of our original songs. We play about 60/40 covers/originals, mostly Texas Country / Red Dirt / Americana. I didn't want to post any covers to avoid copyright issues.

Living Life on Empty: (ignore the pre-show intro on this one, the other guys like it, but I think it's kind of cheesy).

Lady Liberty:

Don't Turn Away: