Click track question


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Do you prefer a click that uses the same sound for all four quarter notes, or do you like an accent (different sound) to let you know where "1" is?

I've come to the conclusion that if I'm trying to really lock in with the click, the accent on "1" is a distraction. It seems like it changes the sound and somehow alters the duration of the note, or at least creates that illusion, and I almost have to adjust to make sure I don't rush or drag the bass drum in an effort to line up with it.

Curious how others feel about this.


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It's funny because I prefer the accented click for the same reason you don't. Helps me lock in to the groove better. I feel that a straight click feels crappy. Like I'm a robot or something. In fact the best click I had wasn't a click at all. It was a crazy ass Afro Cuban rhythm a producer programmed from some keys. I loved it. Anyhow, different

Anon La Ply

Me too, 8. I like clicks straight and as cowbellish as possible - like back in the old days when singers would clang quarters on a cowbell at some time during the set (and at other times playing harmonica and strumming out a song or two). Just that the click can play in time :)

If I don't think of a click as "someone" it totally throws me off.


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Back when was in bands that used a lot of backing tracks, I got into programing different clicks. Because when you have headphones on for the entire live set, the straight monotone click gets monotonous. So I'd spice it up with shakers playing 8ths or 16ths, and use different sound for different songs.

I never really thought about the duration of the note aspect though. That's kind of an interesting concept.


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Clicks vary for me depending on the specific song, and what else I'm hearing. Typically, I do not like just a straight click, regardless of accents or the sound used. I prefer a drum set rhythm, so in my mind, I'm playing with another "drummer". It can just be a time beat with 8th note hats, but it's much easier for me (most of the time) to follow a click like that.

Again, it depends. There are times when the other instrumentation might be cluttered by an additional drum pattern, and a straight click is preferrable. But in those cases, I don't really need an accent on the 1. I know where 1 is, and any straying from the tempo wouldn't be resolved by trying to find "1" again. If I'm that far off, there's a real problem!



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Either or. I know where the one is. It doesn't distract me when the 1 is accented. If I had to pick one or the other, I'd go with the accent.

Bo Eder

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I like it straight without any accents. Cowbell sound is good, but since I've started wearing quality in-ear monitors whenever I record, the sound could be anything, with a hi-hat sound winning out the last few times I've played to a click. Back in my early days when I used the Boss Dr. Beat alot, I couldn't handle the accent, and I still can't.


I can't stand the accent myself. Just a cowbell-ish quarter note is my preference. However, if the groove is a pretty slow one where I want the 8th notes in there, I like those to be barely audible.