Click Track MP3's


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Hello ladies.

Does anyone know where one could get a hold of (preferably free) MP3 files of set click tracks? It's going to be a little bit before I can get my metronome, and I would like to get a head start on practicing with a click.

paul c

hmm. might try this out myself...i dont always carry a metronome, but i always carry an mp3 player! could come in useful! thanks!


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It's good to see people wanting to practice with a meteronome. I also have some free click track mp3's that are in increments of 4 bpms. At slower and faster tempos 5bpms seem to be a little bit much. IMO. So go here to get them.

Also, I have created some play along loops that use percussino and other instrumentationi to make your practice time more enjoyable and musical. You can get a free one by signing up for the free lesson at, or you can get 2 every month by being a subscribing member. Click here to get your metronomes.


Hope this help!



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I generate my click tracks using Audacity (which is free). It's primarily a simple audio editor, but it can also generate click tracks in any tempo and for any length of time.