Cleaning cymbals


With my very expensive Roland gear that I just got I'm facing the same "issues" as my Alesis kit. It doesn't really qualify as an issue, but I don't know how else to categorize it. The immediate wear/tear is a bummer, but in reality it's not much more than lightening of the rubber from contact. What does everyone use to keep their cymbals looking nice and black?


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Damp cloth then Aerospace 303


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As they said (303). I usually use a microfiber cloth to spread it (don't want to spray it everywhere) and a dry one to wipe it off. You can probably wipe it with anything else that doesn't leave residue. I use some on rubber rims, too. It makes them look brand new for a few days.


Thanks. The 303 worked like a charm. They look brand new again. I'd never thought to clean the tips of my sticks before. They're wood, am I expected to break out the furniture polish? :oops: